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The Atlanta Psychotherapy Guild is an association of licensed psychotherapists of all disciplines including counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. 

We promote mental health treatment in which clinical decisions remain in the hands of clients and their psychotherapists and confidentiality is fully safeguarded. Toward that end we seek: 

  • to educate the public about the value of psychotherapy and counseling in general and about the different types of treatment and their specific applications; 
  • to inform the public of the advantages of psychotherapy services unencumbered by the current problems of many third party payment arrangements; 
  • to assist the public in choosing a therapist committed to these values;
  • to provide a web site directory of Guild members with information about their training, their specialties, and their therapeutic philosophies.

Guild members are psychotherapists who encourage psychotherapy outside of managed care systems. However, Guild members are free to work within managed care if they and their clients so choose.  Please consult the individual therapist about their managed care arrangements and fee structure.

Guild members are independent practicioners currently licensed in the state of Georgia.  (Although the Guild is here to help with finding a therapist and learning about therapy, it does not oversee or take responsibility for the work of its members.  Members are overseen by the licensing boards of their particular disciplines.)

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