What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a way of resolving personal or emotional
problems through a special form of talking.  The counselor or
therapist provides a setting of safety, confidentiality, acceptance
and concern that allows clients to explore their issues more
fully and to find new ways of approaching them.

Therapists differ in their philosophies and styles, of course.
In the Member Directory, each member of the Guild has written
a short statement about their approach to therapy as well as their
areas of special expertise.

You may also wonder about the different disciplines within
the field of psychotherapy.  The Professional Disciplines page
tells more about the specific training requirements that go with
the various degrees and licenses.

When to Consider Psychotherapy

Deciding to begin psychotherapy can be a difficult decision. You might find it helpful to remember that emotional difficulties are as common as physical ones, and you would not hesitate to seek the help of a professional for a medical reason. As human beings, we periodically have many different needs - emotional, physical, and spiritual. Getting help with any of these dimensions is simply a part of healthy living. In truth, the concerns that bring you into therapy may be shared by many people and do not imply that you have a serious "mental problem." 

It also is possible that you are seeking therapy for preventive purposes. Therapy can help you address concerns in their early stages, before they evolve into unmanageable problems or crises. Incorporating therapy as one dimension of a comprehensive program of personal wellness may further enhance the quality of your life. 

On another page, we have provided a more complete list of reasons to consider therapy. If you think you might need therapy for any reason, it is worth talking to a professional who can help you decide. 


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