Reasons You Might Seek Counseling or Psychotherapy:

Depression or anxiety that doesn't go away in a reasonable amount of time

Stress at work, home or school that feels overwhelming

Couple & partner issues

Problems with drugs and/or alcohol

Feeling chronically lonely

Chronic worry, preoccupation, confusion or disorientation

Excessive anger, frustration or problems with physical abuse

Self-destructive or self-defeating behaviors

Trouble communicating with others

Trouble making or keeping satisfying relationships

Problems that follow traumatic events or abuse

Job & career issues

Domestic violence or other forms of  abuse

Panic attacks or severe fears, such as fear of going out of the house,
    that interfere with your daily functioning

Issues of sexuality, sexual identity or sexual orientation

Dealing with difficult life issues: e.g., death, divorce, birth of a child, etc.

Family issues: e.g., parent-child communication, solving
     problems with teenagers, step-family, blended family,
     alternative family, single parenting, adoption.

Children's emotional and behavioral problems

Coping with medical conditions

Life cycle challenges: e.g., aging parents, empty nest,
     outplacement, sandwich generation, birth of a child.

Personal growth


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